Musescore vs. Noteflight

Musescore – In Musescore i found it easier to make a full score and edit it. This is due to the fact that i have been using it longer and have learned about it. Musescore can sometimes be hard to understand and sometimes something will randomly go wrong which will take awhile to figure out. My preference would be Musescore for larger ensembles.

LOTR medley My arrangement of a Lord of the Rings Medley.

Noteflight – Noteflight is a very useful tool if you need something simple and quick. If you need to make a short Eight bar phrase to present in class this might be the better choice. Even though it is good that it is simple it is also one of its downfalls. The simplicity of it doesn’t allow for many different instrumentation which doesn’t work well for someone who wants a specific ensemble.





The time lag was not bad compared to some of the other video calls i have used. For the most part the video sound and picture quality was good and didn’t interfere with the conversations. It is an all around easy app. to use and i would recommend it.

Zoom has lots of cool features that make your video chat with your friends more enjoyable or if you use it for business you can record your session so that you can look back on the meeting for reference. As far as lessons it would be easy to communicate face to face and you can also record lessons and show the students what they sound like.

Why Not!

My PowerPoint is over the Jazz piece Why Not! In my PowerPoint there will be brief introduction to the piece and then it will discuss the complexity of the rhythms in the piece, specifically keeping a steady beat on all the up beat patterns.

Why Not! ppt.  Link to Why Not! PowerPoint

My Musical Adventure

My love for music began very early in my childhood. Some of my fondest memories are of my family traveling on vacation listening to classic rock. I grew up listening to all the greats such as Foreigner, Aerosmith, The Eagles, and many more. By the time i got to sixth grade i had already grown to love music from my mother who by no accident happened to be in band when she was in school. When i graduated to high school band i began a new friendship with my band director, Eric Durham who i owe a great deal for showing me how music is suppose to be. As time passed i grew to enjoy music even more and by my senior year i had decided that this was the life i was meant to live.

My teaching style is most influenced by my band director whose philosophy is teaching through Sarcasm and intimidation. This is obviously a joke between him and myself but to an extent it actually works. I believe my band director plans to write a book about his teaching style if he can find a publisher.

DUMBonesEvolutionNoText     image of me


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