Halloween Lesson!


The Monsters Stomp Around the House Song!



During the song, the class will sing and dance along with the monsters in the video.

More Halloween songs!

This video includes lots of fun songs such as Five Little Pumpkins; Pumpkins, Witches and Ghost;                                         and Stirring our Brew.


Listening: Berlioz – Symphonie Fantastique – Dream Of A Witches Sabbath



Jack-o’ Orange

In this activity students will be giving a hollow orange and with it they will make a Jack-o’ Orange!

Step 1: students receive an orange with the fruit removed from the center and a marker.

Step 2: Students draw the face they want cut into the orange with the marker.

Step 3: The students will then carefully cut out the face. (If they are younger children the teacher will do this for them)

Step 4: The teacher will put olive oil in the bottom half of the orange and light the wick like part making the faces light up.

Last Order of Business For The Day!




BoomWhackers! Waylon


  1. Welcome the class
  2. Have the students pick out BoomWhackers in an orderly manner.
  3. Talk about genre and chord progression of the song.
  4. Play the song.
  5. Listen for the drum entrance into the chorus

P. 4.3.1  Identify individual instruments

P.4.3.2   Reconize musical form.  AA1BA

Elementary Music Lesson


Book Title: Are You My Mother?

Author: P.D Eastman             Year: 1960

Publisher: Random House

Singing: Make up a new song

Listening: The Birds by Respighi (maybe Pines of Rome)

Instruments: Bird water whistle, whistles, Flutes, percussion,

Creating: Making our own birds nest with eggs or baby birds                                                                                                                        Bird calls? Creating our own bird song.

Moving: Chicken Dance (of course!!!)

Drama: Reenact the book. Maybe let them make up their own animals.

Art: Have the children draw birds or other animals the baby bird could mistake for his mother.

Language Arts:????

Math: Count the numbers of animals that were mistaken for his mother.

Zoology: Learn to identify local and exotic birds.

Songs for Elementary Music Class

Down by the Bay

Down by the bay

Where the watermelons grow

back to my home

I dare not go

for if i do

my mother would say,

ex. Have you ever seen a frog sitting on a log? Down by the bay

At the end, you can pick or have the children pick any words that rhyme to replace the words frog and log.

ex. Have you ever seen a cat trying on a hat. Down by the bay.